Bring the festive vibes with Diwali Gifts 2021

Diwali is popularly referred to as the festival of lights. Celebrated with much fervour, it symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Families across the country celebrate this festival by lighting candles, serving sweets, decorating homes, and exchanging Diwali gifts with their loved ones. Gifts exchanged range from specialty foods to thoughtful mementoes such as aesthetically appealing glassware.

Diwali is celebrated in honour of Lord Ram, his wife Sita, and his brother Laxman who returned home after a 14-year exile. The victorious homecoming of Lord Ram is a source of joy to all and is marked by lights, celebration and prayers.

Make the most of this festival by sending your loved ones the choicest Diwali gifts 2021. Diwali parties amplify the festive spirit and often involve people playing card games and serving specialty foods.

Significant Festivals Around Diwali

Unlike other festivals, Diwali celebrations aren’t limited to the day of Diwali alone. Four other festivities contribute to Diwali celebrations and are relevant for varied reasons.

Dhanteras – This festival marks the first of the Diwali festivities. Goddess Laxmi is worshipped on this day by patrons who pray with all their heart for wealth and prosperity. Ideal Diwali gift items are made of metal. Their sheer beauty and elegance add significant value to the act of gifting. Treo’s Arpan Diya, therefore would be a great fit for this occasion.

Narak Chaturdashi – This festival is in honour of Lord Krishna, who outwitted the demon Narakasura. Festivities involve savoury food being served and enjoyed. Consider gifting your loved one’s beautiful glass jars and storage sets that allow for dry-fruit, snacks and sweets to be stored and served with ease.

Laxmi Puja – This festival honours the prayers made to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi. Homes are lit up with candles and diyas and people exchange different types of Diwali gifts with their loved ones. These include dry-fruit baskets and sweets. You can gift your loved ones the same in eye-catching glass jars and containers and make their day even more special.

Bhai Dooj – This festival celebrates the eternal sibling bond of love and protection. Sisters pray for the longevity, well-being and prosperity of their brothers while their brothers in turn vow to protect them and look after them always. Gifting can be an act of showing your love for your sibling. It can be a way of conveying your care. You can consider gifting them Treo’s Ivory Premium Glass Bottle and remind them of the importance of hydrating themselves in their busy daily life.

Diwali Gift Items – Buy Online India

To truly get into the spirit of Diwali, buy the best gifts online from the comfort of your home. The joy of giving is the essence of this festival.

When you decide to buy Diwali gifts online, consider Treo’s glassware products. These include sweets and snacks bowls, jugs, tumblers, juice glasses, dry-fruit containers, teacups and coffee mugs which are each appreciated by all and makes for good Diwali gift items.

With New Year around the corner and festivities in full swing, it is important to give your loved ones presents that embody the spirit of Diwali and are also unique. What truly adds to the appeal of such gifts is the fact that they are beautiful, long-lasting, thoughtful, aesthetically appealing and add flair to one’s surroundings.

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