How often do you want to upgrade your kitchenware collection? With Treo’s wide range of glasses and tumblers, you can update your home décor without breaking the bank. Our selection of glasses features a variety of shapes and sizes - from classic water glass tumblers and mocktail glasses to elegant juice tumblers. With our line of tumblers, we provide a solution for every drink! Crafted from highly durable glass, they are perfect for everyday use yet can take on occasional spills too. Discover our wide array of glasses and tumblers today and make your next gathering memorable!

Whether it’s an intimate family dinner or large-scale celebrations, our glasses and tumblers are designed to fit the occasion. All of our products are uniquely crafted by a team of artisans who take special care when it comes to quality and durability. Our glasses and tumblers are guaranteed to provide long-lasting service with minimal wear and tear. With an impressive selection to choose from, you can find shapes and sizes that’ll match your style without compromising on functionality.

Make Treo your one-stop shop for all your glassware needs. Our collection of glasses and tumblers is sure to add sophistication to any space – the perfect accompaniment for when entertaining guests at home! With each product tested for quality assurance before leaving the premises, we guarantee satisfaction with every purchase.

Types of Glasses and Tumblers Available in Treo

We stock two main types of glassware: juice glasses and water tumblers. Juice glasses come in various shapes and sizes, so you'll find something to suit any occasion. Our water tumblers provide the perfect way to enjoy that classic beverage time after time - pick from plain or patterned options depending on your preference.

Glasses and tumblers are like the stars of your party - they create an atmosphere for you to enjoy all kinds of drinks. Whether you're sipping morning juice, enjoying an evening cocktail, or simply having water, our selection of glasses and tumblers can help you get the perfect look and feel.

Whichever type you choose, make sure it's right for you - with our glasses and tumblers, you can add a touch of style and sophistication to any occasion. Get ready for the perfect drink experience!

Our online store has an enormous selection of glass tumblers. No matter what sort of dining establishment or bar you have, you'll need the most stylish and high-quality water and juice glasses to complement the setting. This is precisely where the fantastic selection of Treo's glasses and tumblers comes into play.

Here's something to learn about the types of tumbler glasses we offer:

Water Glasses

Water glasses, also known as standard drinking glasses or water tumbler glasses, are mainly used to serve water. Say goodbye to old and boring glasses - upgrade your glassware collection with water tumblers from us today! With a wide range of sizes ranging from 10 to 25 ounces, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for any occasion.

So don't settle for anything less than stellar regarding your drinkware - pick up a set of our water tumbler glasses and buy them on sale. You can be all set to start serving drinks in style! Your guests will thank you.

Juice Glasses

Our stunning range of juice glass set online is the perfect choice for serving delicious juices and refreshing beverages. From freshly squeezed citrus juices to tasty cocktails, these tumbler glasses make any drink look even more appealing. Our water tumblers come in various designs, adding a fun touch to your brunch or breakfast drinks.

Choose from our lightweight juice glasses that hold up to 7 ounces and measure no more than 5 inches in height – great for quickly sipping small portions. Whatever the occasion, you can rely on our high-quality water tumblers! Pick up one of our fabulous glass tumblers today and enjoy all your favorite drinks in style.

Buy Tumbler Glasses Online from Treo

Visiting Treo's website online is a great way to find the perfect glasses and tumblers to suit your style. Our extensive selection allows you to choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours. Our glass tumblers come in a variety of designs, with each one crafted from premier materials. Whether you're looking for something unique or just need an everyday staple piece, Treo has something for everyone. With Treo, it's easy to create a look that fits your personality and is sure to turn heads. Shop online for quality glasses and tumblers today!

The Treo team is committed to providing excellent customer service with every step of the way. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and guide you through the selection process. Our selection of the best glasses online features the best quality materials and aesthetically pleasing designs. So, if you're looking for quality glasses and tumblers at an affordable price, look no further than Treo.

Buy the best drinking glasses set online from the one-stop solution for all your glassware needs – Treo.


1. What is the difference between a glass and a tumbler?

Glasses and tumblers are both designed with drinking in mind, but there are slight differences between the two. Glasses generally have a more formal silhouette, featuring slender stems to provide a comfortable grip. Tumblers, on the other hand, are larger units without stems and often feature wide rims for easy access. They also come in various shapes – from classic cylinder designs to modern squarish variations. Ultimately, the choice of glassware comes down to personal preference; whatever your style may be, Treo has something that’ll match it!

2. What is the minimum and maximum price range of glass tumblers available online?

The price of glass tumblers varies according to material quality, shape, design, and craftsmanship. The more attractive and intricate the design, the more expensive the glass tumblers.

The minimum price of glass tumblers available on our online store is INR 340, whereas the maximum price is INR 700. You can buy glass tumblers online between these price ranges from our platform and get high-quality drinkware supplies at a low cost.

3. What are tumbler glasses?

Tumbler glasses are short-stemmed glasses with thick walls and a flat base. They usually hold between 150-350 ml of liquid and are used to serve cocktails, mocktails, juices, shakes, and other beverages neat. The tumbler glass is one of the most common styles of drinking glasses and is an indispensable part of any home bar.

The thickness of the walls helps insulate drinks from external temperatures, making them ideal for enjoying cold alcoholic beverages without diluting them too quickly. Additionally, their wide mouth allows you to add ice if desired without spilling or overfilling. Many tumblers are etched with decorative designs, which also provide added insulation by trapping a thin layer of air between the glass and the drink.

4. Why is it good to drink water in Glass tumblers?

Drinking water in glass tumblers is beneficial for your health and environment. Glass is a non-porous material that won't leach chemicals into beverages like some plastics can. Not only does this mean it's healthier to drink from, but it also helps protect the environment by reducing reliance on disposable items. Glass tumblers are also incredibly strong and durable – perfect if you’re looking for something long-lasting. So why not make the switch to glass today?

5. What is the difference between Juice and Water glass?

Juice Glasses Water Glasses
These glasses are best used to serve juices and other beverages like soft drinks, and mocktails. These glasses are ideally used to serve water to the guests. However, one can also use them to serve cold beverages.
These glasses are usually shorter than standard water glasses and come in various shapes and designs. These glasses are usually tall, come with a flat bottom, and feature no handles. They come in different sizes.
Best for breakfast, brunch, and party events. Best for regular use at any time of the day.
They are costlier than standard water glasses. These glasses cost less than juice glasses.

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