Woody Cube Jar Set

Woody Cube Jar Set JAR 180ML-3PCS

Woody Cube Jar Set JAR 180ML-6PCS

Woody Cube Jar Set JAR 310ML-3PCS

Woody Cube Jar Set JAR 310ML-6PCS

Woody Cube Jar Set JAR 580ML-3PCS

Woody Cube Jar Set JAR 800ML-3PCS

Woody Cube Jar Set Packaging

Key Feature

  • Most appreciated product is now being introduced with Stylish Wooden finish transparent lid.
  • Wooden finish transparent lids for a see through vision of the jar’s contents and Square shape jar make it most suitable for modular kitchen drawers.
  • Tuck away that monthly ration in a safe and air-tight option! This nature inspired cube jars comes with a wooden finished air tight lid and crystal clear glass body to give your storage a neat and hassle free appeal.
  • Since the jars are made of glass, you can easily see what’s inside to increasing the chance food gets eaten and not thrown away.
  • This cube jars having multipurpose use of storing cereal, flour, rice, sugar, noodles, coffee beans and other necessary pulses and grains. Cleaning the glass jars is hassle-free as these are dishwasher safe.

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