Handcrafted Designer Bowls Set

Handcrafted Designer Bowls Set 3 Pcs Set

Handcrafted Designer Bowls Set Packaging

Key Feature

  • Handcrafted Cutwork designer bowls,  exclusively designed to prettify your kitchen.
  • It is sure to take the centre stage at your dining table.
  • It’s for people who love, understand and appreciate the skill of handcrafted piece of work, lover and connoisseur of arts.
  • Multi-utility product can be used for Bake, Serve and Store & reheat
  • Ideal for mixing, Cooking - Noodles, Pasta, Popcorn etc.
  • Microwave, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe
  • Sizes of Bowls: 500ml, 1000ml & 1500ml.







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